New Multi-Arts Class: Center for the Arts Early Childhood Rotation
Age 3-6
Join the Visual Arts, Dance, Theater and Music department staff for a full session of fun! Kids will rotate every few weeks between the genres, making art projects, taking dance class, working on some improv, and perfecting their singing, for example. For more information, contact jnichols@wilpark.org. This class coordinates with the Early Childhood Center of Wilmette's Preschool Plus program.


9 weeks
413000-01 M Noon-12:45 pm 4/5-6/7
413000-02 Tu Noon-12:45 pm 4/6-6/1
413000-03 W Noon-12:45 pm 4/7-6/2

Move With Me
Age 15-30 Months (with an adult)

Is your little dancer not ready to attend a class alone? Move with Me is the perfect class for you and your tot together. Learn movement and expression through exploring creative dance in a fun environment enriched with props, music, and dance-along games, designed to introduce children to this beautiful art form!

R-$125/NR-$157 9 weeks
FULL 423000-01 W 10:15-11 am 4/7-6/2
FULL 423000-02 F 10:15-11 am 4/9-6/4
423000-03 Sa 9-9:45 am 4/10-6/5
423000-04 W 9:30-10:15 am 4/7-6/2

Creative Dance

Age 2.5-3
A class for our youngest dancers who love to move! With exercises designed around expression through movement, we prepare them for future dance classes by teaching basic steps, classroom etiquette, listening and dancing to different music styles/tempos, all within a fun and supportive environment. Please note: this is not a parent and child class.


9 weeks
423001-01 W 11-11:45 am 4/7-6/2
423001-02 Th 9:45-10:30 am 4/8-6/3
423001-03 F 11-11:45 am 4/9-6/4
FULL 423001-04 Sa 9-9:45 am 4/10-6/5

Pre Ballet
Age 3-4
This class is for dancers who are beginning to understand basic steps and musicality. Students begin developing their ballet technique and placement, and start to become familiar with proper terminology. Pre Ballet includes barre work, center floor and across-the-floor exercises, and free dance, all designed to provide true ballet training with classical music.

R-$186/NR-$218 9 weeks
423002-01 M 4-4:45 pm 4/5-6/7
423002-02 W 1-1:45 pm 4/7-6/2
423002-03 Th 11:30 am-12:15 pm 4/8-6/3
FULL 423002-05
Sa 9:45-10:30 am 4/10-6/5
FULL 423002-06
Sa 10:45-11:30 am

Pre Hip Hop
Age 3-4


9 weeks
423029-01 W 3-3:45 pm 4/7-6/2

Age 4-5
The most essential style of dance, ballet focuses on grace, poise and strength, through technique and choreography.


9 weeks
423003-01 BALLET Sa 9:45-10:30 am 4/10-6/5
423203-01 BALLET/TAP Th 10:30-11:30 am 4/8-6/3

Age 5-7

R-$186/NR-$218 9 weeks
423204-01 BALLET/TAP M 4:45-5:45 pm 4/5-6/7
423204-02 BALLET/TAP F 4:45-5:45 pm 4/9-6/4
423211-01 BALLET/HIP HOP Tu 4-5pm 4/6-6/1
FULL 423211-02 BALLET/HIP HOP Sa 10:30-11:30 am 4/10-6/5
423220-01 BALLET/JAZZ Th 4-5 pm 4/8-6/3

Age 7-10


9 weeks
423205-01 BALLET/TAP/HIP HOP Sa 11:30 am-12:30 pm 4/10-6/5

Hip Hop
Get your groove on! This class explores the foundations of dance in a fun environment, with funky and fun soundtracks to match.

Age 4-5


9 weeks
423030-01 AGE 4-5 Th 12:15-1:15 pm 4/8-6/3

Age 7-10


9 weeks
423033-01 AGE 7-10 Tu 3-4 pm 4/6-6/1

Poms Dance Technique
Incorporating hip hop and jazz techniques, we introduce dancers to this fun and energetic style, most notably seen at sporting events. Participants will shake their poms along to upbeat music while learning precision and creative dance formations.

Age 4-6


9 weeks
FULL 423041-01 F 3:45-4:45 pm 4/9-6/4

NEW Wilmette Cheer and Tumbling Team
Age 5-13
This program provides a competitive cheerleading and tumbling team experience for beginners. All athletic ability levels are welcome, and students between the ages of 5-13 as of September 1, 2020 can participate in the program.

The Novice team is a good starting place for athletes interested in trying out the sport, as well as for athletes and families who have a busier schedule or want to diversify their athletic interests. The inaugural season runs from late January to May (18 weeks), during which time the athletes will perform in one local competition, as well as Wilmette Park District special events. Beginning in August, the team schedule will consist of a nine-month commitment from August through May 2022. The Novice team will receive choreography and instruction in all aspects of cheerleading, as well as proper technique for all stunts, tumbling, jumping and motions.


9 weeks
423061-01 M, W 4-6 pm 4/5-6/2

NEW TikTok Hip Hop
TikTok and Hip Hop...what could be better? Whether your kids have the app or not, they'll love TikTok Hip Hop, where they learn a new dance each class. Our instructor simplifies each dance into bite-sized moves that are easy to learn and fun to do. Complete each class with a video recording sent to the parents to share as they see fit. For privacy purposes, videos will not be posted on the TikTok app.

Age 8-12


9 weeks
423051-01 W 3:45-4:45 pm 4/7-6/2

Dance Club
We've created a spring version of our extremely popular Dance Camp! This club is designed for dancers who love learning a variety of styles, are excited about surprises, and would like to make friends. Dance Club incorporates different styles of dance each week, along with fun activities to support team-building in a fun and friendly environment.

Age 7-10


9 weeks
423233-01 M 5:45-6:45 pm 4/5-6/7

New Adult Ballet, Barre, Stretch and Conditioning

Age 18 and up


4 weeks
423112-01 F 9-10 am 4/9-4/30
423112-02 F 9-10 am 5/7-5/28