New Center for the Arts Early Childhood Rotation
Age 3-6
Join the Visual Arts, Dance, Theater and Music department staff for a full session of fun! Kids will rotate every few weeks between the genres, making art projects, taking dance class, working on some improv, and perfecting their singing, for example. For more information, contact jnichols@wilpark.org. This class coordinates with the Early Childhood Center of Wilmette's Preschool Plus program.


9 weeks
413000-01 M Noon-12:45 pm 4/5-6/7
413000-02 Tu Noon-12:45 pm 4/6-6/1
413000-03 W Noon-12:45 pm 4/7-6/2

New Musical Theater Imagination
Age 3-7
Combining the wonderful worlds of theater and music, your child will be immersed in a creative theme each week. Starting with a theatrical adventure to an imaginary place, children will play theater games and develop skits. The second half of class will explore music through singing techniques based on a weekly theme.


9 weeks
413032-01 Tu 3-4:30 pm 4/6-6/1

Music Lessons

Piano Lessons
Age 5 and up
Beginners can learn the fundamentals of piano playing such as the layout of the keyboard, keys, notes and hand positioning. As students progress, goals will include memorization, increased reading skills, and a wider exploration of more complex songs. Select your class time online when registering.

R-$387/NR-$484 9 weeks
413060-01 M 3:30-8 pm
413061-01 Tu 3:30-8 pm 4/6-6/1
413062-01 W 3:30-8 pm 4/7-6/2
413063-01 Th 3:30-8 pm 4/8-6/3
413065-01 Sa 9 am-1 pm 4/10-6/5

Violin Lessons
Age 5 and up
Tailored for students of all ages and skill levels, violin lessons use a combination of techniques as appropriate to each student including Suzuki, traditional or a combination of both. Select your class time online when registering.


9 weeks
413044-01 Th 3:30-8 pm 4/8-6/3
413045-01 F 3:30-8 pm 4/9-6/4

Guitar Lessons
Age 8 and up
Students of all skill levels and interests are taught the basics of guitar with instruction on chords, songs, how to read notes, time signatures and scales. Each lesson is 30 minutes, tailored to the level and interest of the student, and explores styles such as rock, alternative, blues, folk, jazz and classical. Guitar rentals are available through the Ultimate School of Guitar at 773-508-9443. The instructor will contact you individually to schedule lessons.


9 weeks
413051-01 Sa 9 am-1 pm 4/10-6/5
413051-02 W 3-8:30 pm 4/7-6/2

Voice Lessons
Age 8 and up
Private voice lessons are comprised of technique and application; focus on resonance, breath control, intonation, development of high and low registers, vowels and vocal expression, reading music and rhythmic practice; explore various genres of repertoire; and prepare students for performance. Select your class time online when registering.


9 weeks
413214-01 Th 6-8 pm 4/8-6/3