Move With Me
Age 15-30 Months (with an adult)

Is your little dancer not ready to attend a class alone? Move with Me is the perfect class for you and your tot together. Learn movement and expression through exploring creative dance in a fun environment enriched with props, music, and dance-along games, designed to introduce children to this beautiful art form!


8 weeks
523000-01 Sa 9-9:45 am 6/19-8/7

Creative Dance

Age 2.5-3
A class for our youngest dancers who love to move! With exercises designed around expression through movement, we prepare them for future dance classes by teaching basic steps, classroom etiquette, listening and dancing to different music styles/tempos, all within a fun and supportive environment. Please note: this is not a parent and child class.


8 weeks
523001-01 Sa 9:45-10:30 am 6/19-8/7

Pre Ballet
Age 3-4
This class is for dancers who are beginning to understand basic steps and musicality. Students begin developing their ballet technique and placement, and start to become familiar with proper terminology. Pre Ballet includes barre work, center floor and across-the-floor exercises, and free dance, all designed to provide true ballet training with classical music.


8 weeks
523002-01 Sa 10:30-11:15 am 6/19-8/7

Age 5-7
The most essential style of dance, ballet focuses on grace, poise and strength. This combo class will explore technique and choreography.


8 weeks
523204-01 Sa 11:15 am-12:15 pm 6/19-8/7
New Dance Club
Age 8-10
A nice introduction to dance! Enjoy learning ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, poms, leaps and turns, improv and choreography.


8 weeks
Sa 1-2 pm 6/19-8/7

New Junior and Senior Dance Academy
Age 7-10 & 11-14
Continue your dance training throughout the summer with these progressive programs. Dancers will train in ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, poms, leaps and turns, improv and choreography.


16 weeks
523106-01 JUNIOR 7-10 yrs. M & Tu 4-6:30 pm 6/14-8/3
523106-02 SENIOR 11-14 yrs. W & Th 4-6:30 pm 6/16-8/5

New Circus Arts Program - Stay Tuned!